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Reunion Islandin matkailun laatumerkki Facebookissa

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At the end of 2014, the Tourism Quality label of Reunion Island (QTIR) inaugurated its new page on the social network Facebook.

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At the end of 2014, the Tourism Quality label of Reunion Island (QTIR) inaugurated its new page on the social network Facebook. The 140 local tourism professionals, members of the brand, are now available to the public through a digital presence. Making the QTIR label a reference, particularly in terms of quality and authenticity, was the objective of Reunion Island Tourism (IRT) and members of the QTIR network.

On this page (http://on.fb.me/14rQKvp), the 140 tourism professionals in the fields of catering, accommodation, recreational outdoor activities and culture, transport, shops, crafts, hospitality, and information, are all members of the QTIR charter, and they can gather and meet the expectations and needs of potential customers. The QTIR Facebook is positioning itself as a communication space not only dedicated to the label but also to destination Reunion. Every week, information, photos, and videos are published on the page in order to provoke reactions from fans of Reunion Island. It also retains local and national clients, creating a space for discussion and privileged exchanges.

Professionals with this mark are committed to ensure compliance with the ten promises of the quality charter (http://bit.ly/1DeshrU) established for each sector.

Through the QTIR label, the IRT intends to deal with the increased international competition. Registered in the heart of the strategic areas for tourism development implemented by the IRT, the quality approach aims to reinforce the image of its tourist offering and increase traffic to the destination, through the promotion of institutions from different sectors of activities.

Tämä laadullinen lähestymistapa perustuu useisiin tavoitteisiin:

– improving the quality of tourist services;

– to ensure a quality service to the consumer;

– distinguish Reunion Island competing destinations; and

– strengthen the quality image of Reunion Island in terms of reception, service, and professionalism.

Developed in 1996, the Reunion Quality Tourism (RQT) label has given way to the new QTIR label in 2013. This device is recognized by the Ministry of Tourism, the Tourism Quality Plan ™ at the national level.

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