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9 loistavaa Netflix-ohjelmaa katsottavaksi odottaessaan seuraavaa Riverdale-jaksoa

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But why just while away your time waiting when you one could put that Netflix subscription to good use. Since not every show airs on Netflix India, here are some recent shows, mostly with no more than one season, that you can wrap up before the next episode with Archie and Co. releases.

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Between the brooding Jughead and the feisty Veronica, the mysterious death of Jason Blossom, and love affair gone wrong, Riverdale is the perfect watch for an idle evening. And yes, we understand how unbearable the wait for the next episode can be.

But why just while away your time waiting when you one could put that Netflix subscription to good use. Since not every show airs on Netflix India, here are some recent shows, mostly with no more than one season, that you can wrap up before the next episode with Archie and Co. releases.

1. Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency

Firstly, one cannot say enough good things about this fun show. If you are a fan of Douglas Adams’ quirky series then chances are that you will love this BBC America and Netflix creation. Dirk Gently, played by Samuel is a ‘holistic detective’ who lands up at places he is meant to be at, aka fate. Along with his newfound but beleaguered sidekick, Todd Brotzman, played very convincingly by Elijah Wood, the mildly psychic Gently is set forth by seemingly unconnected events to solve the murder of millionaire Patrick Spring and save his missing daughter, Lydia. The first season is like a roller coaster ride that you must finish at any cost.

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2. OA

After missing for seven years, visually challenged Prairie Johnson, played by Brit Marling, returns home with perfect eyesight and insists on being called the ‘OA’. The episodes unfold as flashbacks, where she narrates her story to five strangers. Fusing supernatural, science fiction and fantasy elements, this show will hook your right from the start. With a strong cast, beautiful cinematography and the most evocative background score, OA must not be missed.

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3. kaatuu

Not to be mistaken with the American show of the same name, Crashing is an English romantic-comedy-drama series. It is one of those shows that will get over even before you know it and will keep you wanting for more. Crashing follows the life of six people who live in an abandoned hospital building for a minimal rent. They are all registered as property guardians and are required to follow a strict code of conduct. However, that is the last thing they do. Events are set in motion when Anthony’s childhood friend Lulu asks him to help him with an accommodation arrangement in the hospital.

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4. Midnight Diner: Tokyo Stories

Perhaps the most underrated series in this list, Midnight Diner is a gem still waiting to be discovered. This Japanese show revolves around a small diner that operates during the late hours of the day for patrons who are looking for a warm meal after long working hours. At the centre of the show, along with delectable dishes, is the owner of the diner, fondly called Master. Based on a manga, each episode of Midnight Diner peeks into one of the patrons’ life and their stories.


5. Helppo

Another light-hearted anthology that will keep you thoroughly entertained, Helppo is about love and its multiple forms. Actors like Orlando Bloom, Malin Akerman, Dave Franco, Jake Johnson, Emily Ratajkowski, Elisabeth Reaser bring the characters to life. If one episode is about two brothers starting their own brewery, the next is about how people try to change themselves in a new relationship, and the next is about a passionate couple who are willing to try new things in their relationship. Tying it all together is Joe Swanberg’s eye for regular and realistic plot lines.

6. One Day At A Time

Based on the 1975-84 series of the same name, Päivä kerrallaan revolves around a Cuban-American family. The story follows Penelope, a separated war-veteran who now works as a nurse, as she raises her two children — a tween son and a strong-headed ‘social justice warrior’ daughter — with the help of her old-school mother. The sitcom isn’t just your usual laugh riot, as it also discusses important issues such as sexism in the work place, homosexuality, women’s rights, immigration, climate-change, war-vets and PTSD. And, it is the only American sitcom where the children wear uniforms to school!

7. Abstract: The Art Of Design

The only non-fiction in this list, Abstrakti makes for a delightful, fun and engaging watch. From illustrators and architectures to set designers and photographers, Abstrakti introduces its audience to various designers. They take the viewers into their own quirky world and make them see it from their own point of view. True to what they show, these documentaries are a visual feast.

8. A Series Of Unfortunate Events

When the parents of Violet, Klaus and Sunnny Baudelaire are killed in a mysterious fire, the family banker takes them to the next of kin, Count Olaf, played by Neil Patrick Harris. Their misfortune begins with the parents’ death and is only aggravated when they meet Count Olaf, who as they discover, is willing to go to any length to claim the Baudelaire fortune. The eight episodes recreate the first four books of the series by Lemony Snicket. The characters, ranging from the rogue Olaf, the paranoid narrator, Lemony Snicket, the bumbling Arthur Poe, to the adorable Sunny, will keep you glued to the screen.

9. Greenleaf

A sprawling Memphis megachurch is at the centre of Greenleaf. The church is almost like a business for the Greenleaf family and, as with most families, this one too is fraught with sibling rivalry, lies and secrets. It is one such scandalous secret that the protagonist, the eldest daughter of the family, sets out to unravel — a number of hushed up sexual abuse cases. Perpetrator? A member of the family.

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