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Federalberghi Puglia -matkailu: Ennätys kesä numerot

Federalberghi Puglia -matkailu: Ennätys kesä numerot

For the month of August 2019, puglia is anticipating 1.1 million tourists who will generate 4.152 million presences (56% in hotels and 44% in non-hotel structures) making it sixth in the national regional ranking, immediately after Veneto, Emilia -Romagna, Tuscany, Alto Adige, and Lombardy.

In the whole of Italia, there will be more than 18 million people who during the month of August will stay at hotels and other accommodation facilities for a total of about 79 million overnight stays (41% reported to be foreign tourists and 59%  Italians). This is what emerges from a detailed analysis of the Federalberghi (Hotel Federation) Study Center on holidays in Italian accommodation facilities.

“Puglia continues its upward trend,” commented Francesco Caizzi, president of Federalberghi Puglia, “The jinx and media speculations of the past few months have been denied by the data of August 2019.

“Puglia increases its appeal, our sea continues to have an uphill trend, and our inland beauties grow with more and more momentum. The 2019 season, therefore, is marching according to the best trend.”

“The crucial phase of the season comforts us,” added Caizzi, “After the bad weather conditions in May, already in June we recorded a significant recovery, which continued also in July. We have not succumbed much to even fierce international competition with some of the Mediterranean countries in strong recovery compared to the debacle of the past years due to the terrorist alarm.

“Puglia 365 is giving excellent results. Not only sea, but our villages, our natural beauties, the cathedrals, the castles of Frederick II, our UNESCO sites, the Trulli (cone-shaped roof rural houses), the farms, the food, and wine, but also our art cities are in demand all year round, such as Bari, Taranto, Lecce, Brindisi, which have begun to add important leisure tourism flows to the consolidated business movement.

“Let’s not forget that we cannot drop our attention in on unauthorized accommodations that maintain a strong braking effect.

“There are too many phantom structures that pollute the market by unfair competition. Our hoteliers are at work to best accommodate our guests, while Federalberghi is preparing proposals and projects to the national and regional governments on the main issues that hinder the development of the tourism economy.

“Our recipe is rich and qualified: reduction of the tax burden, support for investments for new services to tourist accommodation facilities, a stark contrast to unauthorized activities, removal of the constraints on work, development of networks and infrastructures.”

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Mario Masciullo - eTN Italia

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Viimeisten 20 vuoden aikana Marion matkakokemus on keskittynyt Kaakkois -Aasiaan ja viime aikoina myös Intian mantereelle.

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Marion virallinen toimittajalisenssi on "National Order of Journalists Rome, Italy, 1977.