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Do you want to meet more business partners across the globe? If you’re looking to make more international contacts, you can’t miss THETRADESHOW.

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Do you want to meet more business partners across the globe? If you’re looking to make more international contacts, you can’t miss THETRADESHOW. There, you will gain the knowledge and expertise to make your travel business more profitable. As the top travel trade show in North America, THETRADESHOW connects sellers of travel with destinations and travel-related companies to establish new business relationships.

The sixth International Travel Agent Summit on September 12, sponsored by ABC Corporate Services, is the most important international event held in conjunction with THETRADESHOW. This meeting is open to all international conference registrants and will offer you the opportunity to introduce your company, establish global business contacts, and participate in a lively discussion of important industry issues. You will also see a preview of THETRADESHOW educational seminars and events to help you get the most value out of your conference experience. This is an excellent opportunity to further your networking at THETRADESHOW. You must be registered for THETRADESHOW in order to take part in the International Travel Agents Summit. Please RSVP to Rebecca Simonelli at [sähköposti suojattu] to secure your spot in this important networking event.

Another reason for travel professionals who are not from the United States to attend THETRADESHOW is the unparalleled educational sessions. One of the best ways to reach US travelers is through the Internet. Having a credible online presence will increase the likelihood that US travel agents will opt to work with you. Among the sessions offered at THETRADESHOW is Turn Your Website into a Virtual Money Machine, which will show attendees how to build organic traffic, develop strong and unique content, and increase their standing on Google. Or, you may want to check out other technology seminars to learn how you can increase your sales through social networking. You can learn Advanced Facebook Tips and Tricks where you will be taught about how Facebook’s built-in profiling system gives you a marketing edge that no other system offers. In this session, Chelle Honiker Yarbrough, CTC, introduces you to the world of FBML – Facebook MarkUp Language – which lets you add completely customized pages and features to your Facebook page like YouTube Videos, appointment calendars, and booking engines.

Clients love to read about what experience you have in the travel industry. Why not show US clients where you’ve been and what you experienced there? Learn how to start a blog and how to use it for your business in Blogging 101 with by Bryan Alaspa. You will learn what a blog is, why should a business use a blog, picking the right blogging format, and so much more. After that, you can go to Blogging 201 where Alaspa will teach you find an audience, what to do when you run out of things to write about, how to keep the blog going and interesting, and more. For those who want even more information on travel blogging, sign up for THETRAVELBLOGGERSSHOW (Orlando, September 11-12), where you will learn how to take a blog to the next level with a morning chock-full of seminars all on creating a dynamic travel blog.

A few more seminars you might want to check out include Linked-In 101 – How to Create a Linked-In Profile, Twitter for Travel Pros, The Power of Words and Selling Using E-mail, Top 10 Social Media Blunders and How to Avoid Them, and How to Turn Your Web Site into a Virtual Money Machine. All of these classes will give you ideas and tricks to help you reach a wider audience through the Internet.

The newest addition to THETRADESHOW for 2010 is the eLearning Center. Are there too many classes and you can’t attend them all? Then purchase the Best Value Package where you can access recordings of THETRADESHOW’s educational seminars and listen to them at home thanks to the virtual eLearning Center! You won’t miss a thing. The new eLearning Center will offer you unlimited access to recordings of more than 50 educational seminars and sessions taught in Orlando, ensuring you fully reap all the benefits of your investment to attend THETRADESHOW. Maybe you can’t go to Orlando but still want to know what the sessions have to teach you? Sign up for the virtual eLearning Center package, which will provide you access to the eLearning Center and its roster of recorded educational sessions once THETRADESHOW is over.

Register today with the Best Value Package for only US$109 which includes:

– Badge to attend THETRADESHOW, including networking and education sessions

– Unlimited access to the e-Learning center featuring 50+ educational session webinars taught in Orlando

– Orlando VIP Perks package – includes discounts to area attractions and restaurants


Attend THETRADESHOW with the traditional US$35 before August 1 (US$49 after). If you can’t make it to Orlando this year, you can purchase the eLearning Center only for US$109 before August 1 (US$123 after), but you will miss out on the networking that distinguishes THETRADESHOW as North America’s top travel trade show.

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