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Malacca isännöi maailman matkailukonferenssia lokakuussa

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MALACCA CITY, Malaysia – Travel, be it domestic or international, has become part of our lifestyle.

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MALACCA CITY, Malaysia – Travel, be it domestic or international, has become part of our lifestyle. For whatever reasons we take our breaks or vacations, it has become a lucrative industry if you’re in the travel business.

The Tourism and Culture Ministry, together with the United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) and the Malacca State Government, will be organising the World Tourism Conference (WTC) at the Equatorial Hotel in Malacca from Oct 21 to 23.

Themed “Global Tourism: Game Changers and Pace Setters”, the conference is expected to bring together world leaders in tourism, high-level policymakers, specialists and experts from the public and private sectors to share experiences, put forward valuable ideas and provide guidance for tourism development.

WTC 2013 should be of interest to all travel and trade members in Malaysia, such as hoteliers, tourism officers, airlines and airports representatives, tour operators, tourism product operators and also students, as they’ll get the opportunity to connect, share with and learn from one another at this prestigious event.

Malacca is one of the Unesco World Heritage Sites in Malaysia. This historic city has had trading and cultural exchanges between the East and West for over 500 years in the Straits of Malacca.

The influences of Asia and Europe have endowed the town with a multi-cultural heritage in tangible and intangible ways. In brief, Malacca, has a unique architectural and cultural townscape.

The main objectives of WTC 2013 are to discuss and address current and relevant issues related to the tourism industry. The following will be key areas for discussion:

– Beyond mass Tourism. How destinations can prosper with higher yield markets by capitalising on niche products which are priced correctly and targeted to the right markets.

– Innovative marketing. The importance of creating innovative products and a strong brand identity to develop dynamism and continuous progress in the industry.

– Directions for tourism product development. Exploring the potential of tourism products, such as homestays, domestic tourism as well as youth and Gen-Y travellers, and synergies between conservation and commercial viability.

Over the three-day conference, 10 specific and topical subjects will be presented by leaders and experts, including Rob Torres, Google head of travel (United States); Lee Charm, Korea Tourism Organisation CEO (South Korea); Christopher Rodrigues, VisitBritain chairman (United Kingdom); Du Jiang, China National Tourism Administration vice-chairman (China); Azran Osman Rani, Air Asia X CEO (Malaysia); and Andrew McEvoy, Tourism Australia managing director.

Registration for WTC 2013 is now open. Please visit www.wtc2013malaysia.com for details.

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