Grenadan tavoitteena on tulla Itä-Karibian sukelluspääkaupungiksi

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ST. GEORGE’S, Grenada (eTN) – Grenada’s new government has said it will be paying more attention to the dive, sport and eco-tourism markets of the tourism industry because the economic prospects for the island in the foreseeable future will be heavily influenced by the development in the tourism sector.

“Our focus in the medium term would be to establish Grenada as the dive capital of the Eastern Caribbean, and to position Grenada as a preferred cruise destination,” said Governor General Sir Daniel Williams when he presented the traditional throne speech at the opening of the Eighth Parliamentary Session on Tuesday.

Grenada’s head of state also announced that the government will establish a tourism authority whose aim it to pursue business interests and goals of the sector and negotiating with the key players in the trade. “Separate arrangements will be made for product development, customer services and related ancillary services,” Sir Daniel said in his 45-minutes address, which was aired via television and radio.

Elaborating further on the plans of the new government, elected on July 8, Sir Daniel said that the opportunities will be provided for new and small businesses to bring into the market fresh tourism product especially in the areas of sports and eco-tourism.

“Our objectives are to earn more from tourism and to secure more employment for our people,” he said, while explaining that optimal arrangement will be put in place in the public sector for policy development and management.

Cognizant of the inherent tension between the natural and the built environment, Williams said that the policy of the new government will be the preservation of the natural environment. “In this context, my government shall maintain a balance between our natural forest and aquatic resources and the major investments to advance our economic development,” he said.

Tulosta ystävällinen, PDF ja sähköposti



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